How to Request a Cremation

If you do not have a veterinarian, you may make arrangements directly with us. We do require a scheduled appointment with our staff in order to drop off your pet directly at our facility.


Ask Your Veterinarian about Carolina Pet Crematory

We currently work with several veterinarians in Greenville, North Carolina and surrounding counties. Contact your veterinarian and ask if they use Carolina Pet Crematory. If they do, you may make arrangements directly with your veterinarian and follow their hospital protocol. 

Request Us if they do not use or services

If your veterinarian does not use Carolina Pet Crematory, you can still request our service. Every veterinarian is equipped to properly hold your pet until we are able to pick him or her up for cremation. Have your veterinarian contact us directly for instructions and/or contact Carolina Pet Crematory yourself and provide us with your veterinarian’s information. 

Unlike most vets, we do not operate on a route system where it could take a week or more to get your pet back.  We try to have your pet back home to you within 1 day.  


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